Film reviews: Hidden Figures, Moonlight and The Founder

WELL, I know which film I’ll be rooting for come Oscar night. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

by | Published 12 months ago
By On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Star Wars 8 shock: ‘Kylo Ren is a DOUBLE-AGENT’ working for Luke in The Last Jedi

STAR WARS The Last Jedi just got even darker with the idea that Kylo Ren is secretly working for Luke and even killing his father Han Solo was part of the plan to bring down Snoke. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By On Saturday, February 11th, 2017

James Bond news: What happened to THIS forgotten Bond Girl from The World Is Not Enough?

JAMES BOND movies have – for better or worse – become as famous for the female characters who become conquests as they have for high-octane action sequences. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By On Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Star Wars 8 Last Jedi shock ‘Luke WON’T leave Acht-To’ Will he DIE and never see Leia?

Star Wars fans are waiting for Luke Skywalker and Leia to reunite in The Last Jedi but what if he never leaves Acht-To? Are both Skywalkers going to die in Episode 8? Does this confirm that Rey or Kylo Ren will More...

By On Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Harry Potter SHOCK: Guess who’s REPLACED Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort in new movie?

RALPH FIENNES has been replaced as Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort by another famous actor, despite starring as Alfred in The LEGO Batman Movie. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By On Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Rogue One DVD and Blu-ray release date accidentally leaked and it is SOON

THE ROGUE ONE Home Entertainment DVD and Blu-ray release date has been accidentally revealed by a new advert on Amazon. May the Force be with those responsible… Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By On Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Guess which major Star Wars Rogue One characters WILL live again in two spin-offs?

STAR WARS ROGUE ONE characters will live on in two separate spin-offs, one featuring Jyn Erso and Saw Gerrera and the other one focussing on two fan favourites. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By On Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

When is Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi out? Release date, trailer, cast and more

STAR WARS Episode 8 will be titled The Last Jedi, it has been announced, but when is the film out? Here is everything you need to known including the movie’s release date, trailer, cast and more. Daily Express More...

By On Friday, January 20th, 2017

Robert Redford rejects Hollywood Lefties and says he’s NOT a Donald Trump hater

ROBERT REDFORD has rejected the Hollywood Left’s demonisation of Donald Trump and says he is depressed both sides aren’t working together. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By On Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Christopher Reeve Superman costume & Michael Keaton Batsuit for sale & NOT that expensive

WANT to dress as Superman or Batman? The original film costumes worn by Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton are going on auction later this month and are surprisingly cheap. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...